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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey is an triple distilled irish whiskey. Its twice as smooth and according to its creators it is one of a kind. Jameson Irish whiskey is made up of the best pot still and fine grain whiskeys. Then these are triple distilled, this is where the distillery claims it gives it the signature smoothness, and it is not because they have to, but because they want to. Then these blended, triple distilled Jamesons Whiskey’s are aged for a minimum of 4 years in oak casks.

The whiskey, has a slight floral scent that is peppered with a sweet and spicy wood tone. The taste is similar. It has the best mixture of nutty, vanilla tones and spicy with other tastes of sweet sherry and unbelievable smoothness.
The most popular drink in irish culture for Jameson would have to be a “Jemmy and ginger ale”, this is a Jameson Whiskey mixed with a ginger ale with a wedge of lime.

This whiskey comes from the Irish distillery Jameson. Known in 1810, when it was first established in Cork, as The John Jameson and Son Whiskey company. But before the John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey company, it was the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin. Jameson was a Scottish lawyer and his wife comes from a distilling family.

You can take a tour around the Jameson Irish Whisky Distillery and get an idea as to how the triple distilled, exceptionally smooth whiskey is created.

Redbreast Single Pot Still

Gilbey’s was the original producer of the Redbreast whiskey and was a Dublin Spirits merchant who used distillate that was gathered from Jameson’s Bow Street Distillery. The Redbreast 21 year old whiskey was titled the 2nd Finest Whiskey in the world in the 2018 Whiskey Bible by Jim Murray. It got a score of 97/100, almost perfect. From 2018 we can say there are five different variants of Redbreast. The Redbreast 21 year old, Redbreast 12 year old, Redbreast 15 year old, Redbreast 12 cask strength and Redbreast Lustau Edition, which was matured in its final year Bodegas Lustau sherry casks.

The W&A Gilbey’s company opened a branch in O”Connell Street in Dublin after being founded in 1857 in London. It was customary for all the distilleries to sell distillate to the wine merchants. This was because the wine merchants had many casks and they would store the whiskey and mature it under bond. Gilney’s at the time had over 300,000 gallons of whiskey maturing under bond for six years in sherry casks.

Midleton Very Rare

This Premium Irish whiskey, produced in Cork in the New Midleton Distillery. This whiskey is premium for a reason. This is a whiskey that is made up of pot still and grain whiskeys. Then is matured then for twelve to twenty years in old bourbon American Oak barrels. This is hands down one of the most expensive whiskey produced by Irish Distillers. It was released in 1984. Each year they use a new style of bottling which was first initialised by Barry Crockett the Master Distiller. His objective every year was “to produce the best whiskey possible”. The whiskey is released as a limited release and makes most bottles expensive but a collectible too.

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

Barry Crockett, the Master Distiller of Midleton, is also the creator of Midleton Very Rare. His Master Distillery was rewarded by dedicatng a bottle to his ‘Legacy’ as he retired in 2013. The Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy has over 30 illustrious awards received. It was named Best Irish Blended Pot Still Whiskey at The Irish Whiskey Awards.

This whiskey has an elegant aroma of toasted oak and vanilla with also a hint of lime, green berries, green sweet pepper and pears. The taste consists of a light pepper that is carried onto fresh citrus, mandarin orange sweetness and limes. The years spent in an American Oak barrel that is indicated by its hinting of vanilla and cinnamon.

Paddy Irish Whiskey

Paddy’s Irish blended whiskey is produced by the same people who bring us Midleton Very Rare. That was until Sazerac, a private American Company that took over when bought in 2016. Now, Paddy is the fourth largest selling Irish Whiskey in the world. Paddy Irish whiskey gets its name from the famous Corkman known as Paddy Flaherty. Midleton hired him as a salesperson for the whiskey. He had such a good technique to sell all his stock which included buying rounds of drinks for customers. But when the publicans were running low on the whiskey, they then end up writing tp Midleton Distillery to reorder cases of “Paddy Flaherty’s Whiskey”. Since his name became so popular with the whiskey, Midleton named the whiskey as Paddy Irish Whiskey for his honour.

Powers Irish Whiskey

The flagship Powers Gold Label brand was the first ever irish whiskey to ever be bottled. James Power and Son ws founded in 1791 and had an ouput of around 6,000 gallons of whiskey in its first year. After many years, from 1791 to the 1880s, 6,000 gallons became 900,000 per year. The Irish Distillery had 6 acres of central dublin for their distillery. This single pot still was is made up of a mix between malted and unmalted barley and then triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills. Unlike other distillers, Powers discards more of the top and tale of the second and third charges to honour the bold tradition of perfection and this is why it has become one of the best selling whiskey brand in ireland.

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey is the worlds only triple distilled, triple matured and triple blend and yields the award-winning flavour of true irish character. The distillery believes that three is indeed the magic number in order to create the perfect whiskey of balance, smoothness and complexity. When you drink this whiskey you will experience the taste of fresh fruit that then carries into a light spike which is followed by toasted wood, which, becomes a delicious vanilla sweetness towards the end.

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